MN Radon Licensing Law Challenged In Court

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  1. Peter Vang Dean October 22, 2018 Reply

    Initially, the radon licensing act was dreamed up in 2015 in the midst of a budget crisis, as a creative way to rake in a few bucks from a small, specialized industry with little political power. It was a way to pay for a few jobs that might otherwise have been on the chopping block. The fees charged to radon professionals, companies, and for installation of mitigation systems are egregious in relation to any benefit to the public (of which there is very little in the act), and frankly, probably also grossly inflated in relation to the work that will be needed to administer the law. This is a bald-faced money grab by the governor and Democratic legislators to appease their supporters among public employees, a group they will do just about anything to maintain good relations with.
    This reflects a too-common attitude that no government program purporting to protect the public can possibly be wrong-headed, irrespective of cost-benefit analysis, highly inflated fees for mandated government oversight services, or redundancy (quite a few cities require permits for retro-fitted radon mitigation systems, and WRT to new construction homes, there are provisions for radon resistant construction in the state building code).

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