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August 30, 2019

Dear fellow Radon Professionals,

It has been a busy summer at the association.  We have diligently working on your behalf, meeting with policymakers and collecting stories from the field on the impacts of the radon licensing act.  We have heard some horror stories from some of our home inspector members.  Some have seen fines in excess of $25,000, despite their best efforts to comply with the new law.
Do you have stories to share?  Please email the association.

Other News…

Cities overcharge $78 Million in Permit Fees:
Many Minnesota cities charge home builders more in building permit fees than they spend on related services, and those excess fees drive up costs for home buyers and contribute to the state’s growing housing shortage.  (read more)

MN Cancer Survivor Warns of Radon Danger: 
Two years after having part of a lung removed along with 22 lymph nodes and brain radiation treatments, Malmberg is fighting back. She is pleading with homeowners and school districts to test for deadly radon gas. It is estimated by the Minnesota Department of Health that 600 lung cancer deaths per year in the state can be attributed to radon exposure. (read more)

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