Cities Requiring Radon Permits

Cities in the state are increasingly requiring permits for installing Radon Mitigation systems. This list is from June 2017. If you know of a city that requires permits that is not reflected on this list, please let us know and we’ll update the information.

We recommend all radon professionals contact a city’s code official to ensure you have the most up to date information.

List of cities that require permits A-M

List of cities that require permits N-Z

BATC-Housing First Minnesota Article

The Minnesota Association of Radon Professionals and Standard Water Control Company, a radon mitigation firm, have filed suit against the Minnesota Department of Health over the Department’s proposed radon licensing rules, created under the Minnesota Radon Licensing Act

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Rules of MN DOH for Radon Licensing

The Minnesota Department of Health intends to adopt rules governing Radon Professional Licensing. We plan to publish a Dual Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules without a Public Hearing in the June 4, 2018 State Register.

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Subd. 3.Rulemaking.

The commissioner of health shall adopt rules establishing licensure requirements and work standards relating to indoor radon in dwellings and other buildings, with the exception of newly constructed Minnesota homes according to section 326B.106, subdivision 6. The commissioner shall coordinate, oversee, and implement all state functions in matters concerning the presence, effects, measurement, and mitigation of risks of radon in dwellings and other buildings. Rules adopted by the commissioner under this subdivision are effective beginning January 1, 2019.

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MN Dept of Health Laws & Rules

The Minnesota Radon Licensing Act (Minnesota Statutes 144.4961) was passed by the legislature and signed into law in May 2015. This act gives Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) the authority to write rules and enforce laws related to the radon industry in the state.

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Licensing for Radon Pros-MDH

a Ramsey County District Court judge issued an order in an on-going lawsuit filed against the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). That order, in effect, prevents MDH from enforcing certain radon mitigation statutes and rules that were scheduled to become effective on January 1 of 2019. Under the order, MDH for the time being cannot regulate or enforce the statutes and rules that apply to radon mitigation professionals that conduct mitigation in residences. Until further order of the Court, MDH must comply with the order. More

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